About Us


What is AIESEC?

We are a global youth-led organization, striving to achieve Peace & Fulfilment of Humankind’s Potential. We activate youth leadership by facilitating young people to learn through practical experiences in challenging environments.



AIESEC was founded after the Second World War by a group of young people in Europe. We believe that youth holds the key to unlock a better future, and so we activate youth leadership by facilitating young people to learn through practical experiences in challenging environments.

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Our Values

We uphold these core values across our global network when supporting and pursuing our goals.

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Our Leaders

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  • Understands and lives personal values

  • Focuses on strengths over weaknesses

  • Explores one’s passions

Our Leadership Development Model

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  • Believes in their ability to make a difference in the world

  • Interested in the world issues

  • Enjoys taking responsibility for improving the world

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  • Communicates effectively in diverse environments

  • Develops & empowers other people

  • Engages with others to achieve a bigger purpose

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  • Adapts and shows resilience in the face of challenges

  • Transmits positivity to move forward throughout the uncertainty

  • Takes risks when needed

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We care about the people we develop.


We develop our members, namely AIESECers with leadership qualities. This is the youth leadership movement to unlock a better future for our world.